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Introducing the newest additions to our Kaftaan Queens collection :

Our HOLIDAY Gift Sets!


This one is the DE LUXE Gift Set. It includes:

1 handmade Kalamkari Cotton Sleeping Eye Mask 

1 handmade Kalamkari Cotton Head Band

1 handmade Kalamkari Cotton Scrunchie

1 handmade Kalamkari Cotton Little Bag to store these goodies in

1 Roll on Perfume by Heritagebox 

1 Hand rolled incense sticks set by Heritagebox


This De Luxe Gift Set has been hand made and curated with attention to detail and comfort. 

We use leftover fabrics and give them a new purpose by creating these little handy gifts for Queens. Kalamkari fabrics are extremely cherished, they are hand block printed using natural dyes so everything about them is earthy and authentic. 


In addition to this, you will find included in this Gift Set 1 Roll On Perfume by Heritage Box India in the MEADOWS Scent with notes of Jasmine, Lily and Rose. An extremely regal, rich scent perfect for all you Queens. Dab it on to your wrists and under your ears and smell delightful for the day. 


Also included is 1 set of Organic Hand Rolled Incense Sticks in Jasmine aroma by Heritage Box. Perfect for a relaxing experience, these naturally processed, no chemical handrolled incense sticks are absolutely divine. 


These gift sets come in a few different color ways, options included during checkout. 


Give the Queens in your life this thoughtful and divinely scented gift.

It will be a gift they cherish.



€ 25,00Price
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