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This is a top version of our classic go-to Kaftaan style.  The Freya Bonbon is a fun, fresh, easy to wear and style Kaftaan top. You put it on and immediately your inner comfy Queen comes to the fore.

This is a strong Rayon fabric with a gorgeous bright summer print, its travel friendly and can be machine washed.


The Sheba BonBon dress was such a success, and we had many requests to create the same in a Kaftaan top format. So, we have heard the requests and have made a top version of it. 



FREYA Bonbon Top

SKU: KQ-FR-Bonbon-01
€ 45,00Price
  • The Freya Bonbon is based off the Sheba BonBon Kaftaan dress.

    This ensures that a one size easily fits all and looks absolutely stunning on everyone. The Cinch Tie waist is perfect for adjusting the fit as you like and creating a gorgeous silhouette. 

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