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The GALATHEA Eeden Orange Kimono Jacket is the jacket that we all look for when we shop. Its that perfect mysterious piece that makes everyone ask "Where did you find this beauty?" . It exudes this extremely laid back, uber confident vibe that is quite frankly the definition of REGAL! 


There is a lovely story behind this orange fabric. You know how Kaftaan Queens uses end of roll or leftover fabrics and we often get gorgeous fabrics from our designer friends and ateliers around the world? Well, this beautiful fabric came to us from an atelier based in Eindhoven. They were cleaning out their stocks and we were there to take what they share. This orange fabric is perfect for the drape and fall of this Kimono Jacket. Its got this effortless vibe and a super cool boho-chic print that perfect for our Queens. 


Its giving New York, Paris, London vibes, it's giving luxe, it's giving over the top drama and elegance. 

Everything about this Kimono Jacket screams ROYALTY. Its made for you Queen. Did we mention that its handmade with love and Limited edition? *Stage whisper* There are only 3 of these made!!!


With a one-size-fits-all design, it effortlessly adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this jacket is a wardrobe essential that you'll love wearing again and again. Get it, you won't regret it !


GALATHEA Eeden Orange Kimono Jacket

SKU: KQ-Galathea-04
€ 45,00Price
  • The GALATHEA Eeden Orange Kimono Jacket is handmade using leftover fabric. It is Limited Edition, only 3 of these have been made. 

    There is a belt at the waist to cinch tie and give yourself a dreamy silhouette. This is a One Size Jacket which can  also be worn open with the belt tied at the back or without the belt or even with the belt only through two of the loops instead of all 4. You can essentially play around with this piece and style your own exclusive look. 

  • For longevity, we recommend Dry Cleaning or Hand Washing and Hang Drying 

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