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Introducing our exquisite KENYA Zebra Kaftan Jacket - a limited edition piece handmade with care and attention to detail. The black digital print on white crepe satin exudes a regal and bohemian vibe, while the black crepe borders add a touch of elegance. With a waist tie to cinch, this one-size jacket offers a relaxed yet flattering fit for any occasion. Elevate your wardrobe with the unique and stunning KENYA Zebra Kaftan Jacket.


Style it as creatively as you want because once you put it on, your inner Queen immediately comes to the fore. At Kaftaan Queens, we always aim to Dress Regal!


KENYA Zebra Kaftan Jacket

€ 60,00Price
  • The KENYA Kaftan Jacket is a Limited Edition piece. There have only been 6 of these made.

    There is a belt at the waist line to cinch tie and give yourself a dreamy silhouette. 

    This is a One Size Jacket with a length of 48 inches or 122cm

  • For longevity, we recommend Hand Washing and Hang Drying or Dry Cleaning.

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