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 A 100% Silk Kaftaan and shaded tie dye in vibrant hues ! Whats not to love here !

(also there is only 1 of each of these Reina Kaftaans in stock - so it makes it extra special)


The beauty of the REINA is that the fabric is absolutely Divine, feels like the softest feather touch and the cinch tie at the waist is perfect for defining your curves the way you would like to.


Oh and its a One Size fits all vibe here and it looks good on everyone.

Length is 58'' for the Purple Pink Flamingo ( this is what we would consider a Tall length)

Length if 55'' for the Light Tie Dye Diva ( this is what we conside a Medium Length)


For longevity, we recommend Dry Cleaning.



REINA Purple Pink Flamingo Silk Kaftan

€ 65,00Price
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