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This is our classic, go to Kaftaan style.  The Sheba is a glamourous fit that takes comfort to a new level of luxury. You put it on and immediately your inner Queen comes to the fore.

This is a strong Rayon fabric with a gorgeous bright summer print, its travel friendly and can be machine washed. There are two versions of the Sheba Bonbon : one is a green with neon pink highlights and the other is this version with Blue. Both are stunning and great for holidays, lounging at home, relaxing and feeling regal at all times.


to note : The fabric is not sheer at all.


It exists in 3 lengths, 52'' 55'' and 60''

It is a one size powerhouse outfit that just looks great on everyone!



SHEBA Bonbon Blue Dress

€ 60,00Price
  • Length 52'' Petite is for Queens up to 5ft3" in height

    Length 55'' Medium  is for Queens up to 5ft6'' in height

    Length 60'' Tall is for Queens over 5ft7'' in height

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